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Michael Gregor

Michael Gregor has been involved with interactive media and computer graphics professionally since 1994. His skills have evolved along with the creative and development tools and the industry canvas from “multimedia” through the world wide web to mobile and devices and on to TV. As the development tools have become more sophisticated Michael steered his focus more on technical than on creative.

Since 1999 Michael has had a major emphasis on Interactive Television User Interface development working as a consultant for many major players. Since 2006 he has almost exclusively been involved in prototype and production TV UI work. His strong management, architecture, coding, graphics, and motion skills allow him to be a key player in any size effort. His ability to speak the various languages of product, user experience, visual design, motion graphics, interactive production, and application development and deployment allow him to see your project through from the inception through delivery through its perishable relevance.

In 2008 Michael was asked to join the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. His qualifications included Director level full time tenure at a high profile design and interactive agency as well as a host of consulting gigs in the Interactive TV space. Since joining Michael was asked to be on the 2010 peer group executive committee and has been a key player in the Prime Time Emmy Awards for Interactive Media. He has recruited some new key contributors and is always on the lookout for enthusiastic TV professionals to bring in to the organization.