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Los Angeles based copywriter Doc Pedrolie currently specializes in SEO and Social Media copy. In seven years as a copywriter, Doc’s written sticky copy for web sites, TV spots, social media campaigns, print ads, business to business, business to consumer, and stealth marketing campaigns. In essence if it needs words, Doc will write for it.

Doc’s clients include: Specialized Bikes, NCM Fathom Events, Neutrogena skiniD, Youtopia, MyCosmik, Amazon Studios, Anthem Colleges, and Healthtrans, among others.

In addition to his copywriting skills, Doc holds an M.F.A. in screenwriting from UCLA’s high competitive School of Theater, Film, Television, and Digital Media. Doc is currently represented in film and television by United Talent Agency, one of the “big four” representative agencies in Hollywood. Doc’s written screenplays, one-hour drama pilots, and provided story analyst services for Academy-Award winning directors, producers, and production companies – both independent and studio affiliated.