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Content is king, as they say – but these days, that king needs a lot of help to keep his throne. And that’s where you come in. Whether you provide interactive television (ITV) services, group text messaging, iPhone applications, animated on-air overlays or some other cool technology we haven’t even heard of yet, you’re going to need agreements with content owners and distributors to make it all work. You’ll need a strategy in place to get your product bundled with their content, on their airwaves. And that is where we come in. Devious Media has significant experience with guiding technology companies – both start-ups and established vendors – in the digital media space.

Devious Media offers a wide range of services for technology vendors looking to expand into new media. We know there’s something that makes your product or service unique – and we’ll help you find it. Our team will do a deep-dive into your product specs and company goals, so we can provide the in-depth, pinpointed digital strategy you’ll need to make your mark on the industry. From product analysis and whitespace research to user experience testing and advertising integration, Devious Media can help you make your product or service useful, marketable and successful.

The Devious Media team calls on deep relationships with producers and distributors of content to inform the development of a digital strategy for your product. We can identify new opportunities for partnerships across industries and genres you might have not even considered. Our team excels at spotlighting features of your technology that will appeal to a range of potential business partners, enabling the development of customized, highly-targeted proposals for working together. We provide business development services, product development services and more, and we do it affordably.

Our expertise across the spectrum of new media – from interactive television to mobile to online communities – informs our approach. The Devious Media team has worked in every facet of digital entertainment, and that expansive experience guides a holistic approach to product development you won’t find elsewhere Let us show you how to make your product stand out in a market crowded with companies vying to be the next big thing.