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As a savvy creator of content, you already know the opportunities for distributing that content are expanding exponentially:  From YouTube to iPhone applications to Twitter, the ways in which you can reach your audience are increasing every day.  However, the fragmentation of the content distribution industry means you need to make more deals, with more distributors, than ever before.  In addition, your content now battles it out against home-grown videos, viral webisodes and much more – now, instead of just being great at creating content, you have to be great at marketing your content as well.

And this is where we come in.

Devious Media has extensive relationships and experience in the digital media space.  In addition to expanding your reach to achieve beneficial relationships with key decision-makers at the most popular distribution networks, we go a step further and guide your way through the ever-changing, often confusing world of digital media distribution.  We strategize on your behalf to make sure your content is shown at its best – in its best technical format, to the best audience, with the best tie-ins to advertising and the best ROI.  And we do all of it with an eye toward maintaining cost-efficiency.

No matter what you’re producing – are you creating a video? writing a blog? developing an ad-supported, online directory of mommy games? – Devious Media can help you strategize ways to get your content out there, in front of an audience.  Because that’s what it’s all about:  the audience.  Devious Media can find cost-efficient ways to increase your connection to your audience, through enhanced entertainment experiences, increased content distribution, expanded online archives and much more.

All content can be digital.  We currently work with the five key areas of content outlined below – but if you’re working on something new, don’t hesitate to get in touch!  We are ideally positioned to identify and grow key relationships for brand-new forms of digital media content.

  • Video – features, user-generated content (UGC), web shorts and more
  • Audio – music, podcasts, sound effects and more
  • Images – digital photography, graphic art and more
  • Text – newspapers, feature scripts, SEO, blogs and more
  • Games – two-way interactions combining any of the above


The Devious Media team will analyze your content, identify your goals, and determine your best strategy for the digital entertainment space.  We will show you how to be most effective using the best digital technologies available, and we will guide you through the process as closely as you like.  Our approach is customized to you, so if you want extensive support throughout the life cycle of the project, that’s what you’ll get from us – affordably.  If you want us to develop your digital strategy and simply deliver that for your own team to implement, then that will be our process – affordably.

Remember Devious Media’s own strategy:  any content, any platform, any language, in any country in the world.

Let us take you digital.