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Today’s digital distribution networks are in a highly competitive market – everyone wants that audience.  Cable and satellite operators, web portals for video and audio content, television networks beefing up their digital entertainment presence:  All of these are battling it out for the audience’s attention, and what makes the audience keep coming back is the content.  Digital distributors need good content, but in addition, they need smart strategies for optimizing that content in a world that’s changing every day.

And this is why you call us.

Devious Media has extensive connections to a wealth of digital content.  Why lose money producing your own content in-house when there are so many creators of content looking for distribution?  Devious Media can:

  • Connect you with the people who make the games, the videos, the podcasts, the graphics
  • Line up a range of different content types to maximize your return on investment
  • Integrate advertisers, utilizing your ad sales team or our own internal team of experts
  • Integrate the newest, coolest technology to engage your audience even deeper with your content – to adjust their seat position all the way to a “lean forward” experience with your service


While some of your audience wants to “lean back” and simply absorb your content, others want more – and we can help identify the best ways to grab your audience’s attention.

Whether you’re a cable operator with a nationwide footprint looking for something to differentiate your service, or a small video portal looking for niche content to satisfy your particular audience, Devious Media can help.  Even the biggest players need that extra POW these days to engage their audience and keep them coming back.  Devious Media specializes in understanding the market and identifying potential relationships that will be beneficial to both parties.

We will show you how to select and optimize the best content available, and we will guide you through the process as closely as you like.  Each client is unique, and we don’t have an off-the-shelf product – our approach is customized to you.  If you’re looking for a roadmap of the digital content producers, we’ll develop that for you – affordably. If you want Devious Media to represent your company during the negotiations for acquiring that content, we’ll do that too – affordably.

The process begins with Devious Media understanding your needs:  your goals, your limitations, your audience, your timelines, and your budget.  Once we have done our due diligence, our deliverable to you is a strategy designed to build your content library into a world-class offering. At Devious Media, we can work with any content, on any platform, in any language, in any country in the world.  Think big!  Think Devious Media.