The internet – and especially social media – is changing the way brand names, celebrities and personalities interact with their audience. The smartest brands and celebs are taking advantage of the newest technologies and trends to engage with their following in a deeper and more lasting way.

Brand owners can use Devious Media’s expertise to build momentum around a new product launch, engage their existing user base or acquire new fans of a product. Establishing your brand in the digital media space is a key component to staying relevant in the 21st century, and Devious Media will provide a step-by-step guide to making yourself a presence online, whether through viral videos, social media networks or services like Twitter. Attracting customer eyeballs these days isn’t about spending your entire budget on a big, splashy, short-lived campaign – now, keeping a brand healthy requires cost-effective, constant care. At Devious Media, we think every brand is unique, and a cookie-cutter approach won’t work in this time of instant, personalized interaction. So Devious Media will develop a customized, affordable strategy for your brand. We’ll take your company name and product – and its network of existing users – and expand it into the digital media arena to build on that network.

Celebrities and personalities can build on their own audiences the same way a company can. You don’t have to make your own content, or create consumer packaged goods, or build technology to make use of the latest and greatest digital media tools – you can still create an online presence for yourself, quickly and affordably. Devious Media will spend time learning about you and the image you want to put forward, and will identify the ideal methods for broadening your digital fan base and increasing your engagement with the fans you already have. Once the digital media strategy has been developed, Devious Media can implement any level of the plan – from creating blog posts to posting Tweets to developing cool links for your site – flawlessly and affordably. Or, we can deliver our proposal for your digital entertainment presence and let you put the plan into action yourself. Handholding or handoff – Devious Media can work with you however you’re most comfortable.

The team at Devious Media considers all new technology, digital concepts and emerging trends as fair game for expanding your brand, corporate identity, or product engagement. In developing the plan of attack for your push into new media, we draw upon a wide range of services for you. We host intensive, one-on-one courses designed to educate you on all of the tricks of the trade, from creating a Twitter account and building a user base, to finding advertisers and integrating their collateral on your site. We make sure your digital media education is comprehensive AND affordable – we want to make sure you have a roadmap for self-sustaining growth. We are always in search of the next big thing in digital media, and trust us – your brand will be there.