Digital Strategy

Devious Media provides digital media consulting services. In a nutshell, that means we help you make the best decisions about your digital media presence. We have extensive experience, both domestically and internationally, with brands, websites, new media products and more.  We work with any kind of content, on any platform, in any language – in any country on the planet.

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Content Producers

As a savvy creator of content, you already know the opportunities for distributing that content are expanding exponentially. However, the fragmentation of the content distribution industry means you need to make more deals, with more distributors, than ever before.
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Content Distributors

Everyone wants the right audience for their content. Digital distributors need good content, but in addition, they need smart strategies for optimizing that content in a world that’s changing every day. Devious Media has extensive connections to a wealth of digital content.
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Brands & Personalities

The internet - and especially social media - is changing the way brand names, celebrities and personalities interact with their audience. The smartest brands and celebs are taking advantage of the newest technologies and trends to engage with their following in a deeper and more lasting way.
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Technology Providers

Whether you provide interactive television (ITV) services, group text messaging, iPhone applications, animated on-air overlays or some other cool technology we haven’t even heard of yet, you’re going to need agreements with content owners and distributors to make it all work.
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