Job Opportunity: Samsung Product Innovation Team – Senior Manager – My Cable Friends Check It Out!

Job Opportunity: Samsung Product Innovation Team – Senior Manager – My Cable Friends Check It Out!

The senior manager will be collecting and analyzing consumer experience in television/visual display data and will develop insights relevant to the American consumers. This individual will be tasked with generating market relevant and market driven (as suppose to engineering driven) new product concepts that are relevant to the US and global market and that can contribute to the growth of our visual display (TV) product offerings

This position will also focus on the development of Samsung’s partnership with the MSOs & Telco business partners. This individual will be developing new business models and associated product concepts that will support the strategic benefit of the alliances. Concept generation tasks are usually done in collaboration with internal and external creative agencies.

In short this is a position for a market driven fuzzy front end concept generation & business development professional for the consumer electronics products, mainly visual display (TV).


Duties & Responsibilities

Primary job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing conduct business development functions such as new business models with business partners by developing strategies that result in a win-win situation for both Samsung and the MSOs. Design business models, eco-systems, and related product concepts. Establish frameworks and build internal support of overall strategic benefits of the alliance to deepen relationship with the MSOs.
  • Design, conduct and analyze findings from quantitative and qualitative market research to understand competitive landscape, market trends, consumer trends and needs and formulate market driven consumer insights
  • Work with outside design and innovation agencies (such as IDEO) as well as internal design group to develop market driven concepts, driven by functional value proposition.
  • Internally collaborate with design group, North American market research team, technical team and the sales and marketing team to get inputs for developing concepts and ideas.
  • Interact with the channel partners such as Best Buy to conduct joint research and/or to collect channel partner related insights and requirements
  • Construct insight to product concept document collaborating with outside creative resources and manage content, creative assets/visualization
  • Lead communication between the business unit in Korea, the regional sales and marketing team in the US when developing product concepts
  • Lead communication with creative agencies and manage agency alignment and performance
  • Advise the business for optimizing strategy and roadmap
  • Participate in trade shows, seminars and workshops related to CE products and lifecycle trends.
  • Performs other related duties incidental to the work described herein


Performance Standards

  • Develop & close business development leading activities to actionable follow-up
  • Works with the Product Innovation Team to support the team’s needs
  • Project partner management
  • Project quality control
  • Translates general directions into actionable innovation projects
  • Teamwork within the PIT
  • Will have internal evaluation form to assess related performances


Required knowledge, education and/or experience:

  • Must have genuine interest and passion in consumer driven new concept generation process and have interest in CE products
  • Must have passion for products & the category (mobile products, IT products and display products)
  • Minimum 10 years of combined experience in areas such as business development, product management, product planning, product design or design/innovation with CE, or software manufacturers or consulting experience with top design, innovation, business consulting or market research firms or with CE retailer or silicon valley start-up experience in high-tech.
  • Ability to generate insights from consumer data
  • Must be able to create product strategy document, including ability to put ideation and concept frameworks using market insight data
  • Must be able to understand or capable of understanding basic and core technology that drives CE products and be able to match with consumer needs
  • Must be highly creative, innovative and design/consumer minded
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree from four-year College or University, advanced degree preferred. Equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered with good track record
  • Solid knowledge of Microsoft Office

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