IFTTT Released Their iPhone App And It ROCKS!

IFTTT Released Their iPhone App And It ROCKS!


IFTTT just released their iPhone app with integration to photos, contacts, and reminders!

If you have not checked out the FREE service of IFTTT I highly suggest that you do. It automates what you do in a very simple way.

Some example of “Recipes” I set up for IFTTT:

  1. When I add a new contact to my phone it will automatically put that contact into a spreadsheet of my contacts on Google Drive to back it up.
  2. When I am tagged on Facebook it will automatically download the photo to Dropbox.
  3. I get news automatically sent to my email from an RSS feed.
  4. If it is going to rain I get an email the day before.
  5. When I step on my withings scale it automatically sends the information to a google spreadsheet to track it.
  6. If I post something on my blog for Devious Media it syndicates the information out to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and archives it on Dropbox.


You can get the FREE iPhone app here and create your own “recipes”:

[button color=”#white” background=”#red” size=”large” src=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ifttt/id660944635?mt=8″]GET THE IFTTT iPHONE APP NOW![/button]

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