Emmys.com – Case Study

Emmys.com – Case Study
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Project Overview

When the Emmys team came to Devious Media in the fall of 2009, they had several goals: to increase interest in the television industry, to expand awareness of what the Emmys are all about, and to build a “destination” site for television viewers. But in order to achieve those goals, they had to overcome a major hurdle – most people think about the Emmys only once a year, at awards time! The challenge for Devious Media was to create an interesting, informative online destination that was relevant all year round.

The Devious Media team spec’d out the requirements for a successful site launch, and did their due diligence: They did a deep-dive into understanding the competitors in the space, undertook an analysis of industry standards, and got a clearer understanding of the organization’s technology limitations and budget constraints.

Based on the initial analysis and planning phase, Devious Media developed a strategy that hit all goal points while remaining flexible and inexpensive.


The project would be completed using Drupal, an open source platform, to ensure things stayed cutting- edge, nimble, and easy to modify. They proposed three different websites, to represent and serve the three disparate groups utilizing the Emmys content. First, there would be Emmys.com, the customer- facing site meant to educate the public about the television industry and the Emmys organization itself. This site would include year-round coverage of awards and industry news with strong video elements, in addition to providing rich archives so visitors could tap into the extensive history of the Emmys. Second, there would also be Emmys.tv, to provide an online hub for members of the Academy – with membership information, judging calendars, and exclusive events. And third, there would be EmmysFoundation.org, a home for the organization’s non-profit arm, which provides guidance and resources for students, teachers, and industry professionals.

Devious Media presented their vision for the new sites by using a clickable wireframes presentation – making sure even the least web-savvy folks on the Emmys team could easily grasp the potential of the strategy, and understand what the sites would be like by actually clicking through the architecture themselves. Once the strategy had been approved by the core team, Devious Media then helped sell the concept throughout the Academy’s membership. The Devious Media team initiated the RFP process, reviewed and selected a third-party team to undertake the project, and managed the process through to completion.

All three sites have been incredibly successful. Page views are up over 500% from the previous year, and unique visitors have shot through the roof, with a 400% YOY increase. The two business sites have achieved their goals of improving the Academy’s offering without complex technical changes or huge budgets. And Emmys.com is now a content-rich, daily entertainment destination with extensive video assets, smart editorial, and fresh, engaging content.