Conviva iOS App – Case Study

Conviva iOS App – Case Study
Conviva iOS App – Case Study 2013-06-21T17:25:03+00:00

Project Overview

Tech innovators Conviva engaged Devious Media in the creation of an iPad/iPhone app which allows the users of their Conviva Insights application the visualization of real time video analytics in the mobile space.

Conviva Insights serves as a means of monitoring online viewer experience providing content owners with actionable insights to make quick decisions that extend and protect viewer engagement with online video content,

Obtained from the Conviva Embedded Insights API, the content displayed in the app provides real-time information to make real-time decisions with maximum flexibility.


Devious Media’s creation of an iPad/Iphone app for Conviva Insights is rooted within the solution itself. Conviva Insights monitors each viewer, every second. This real-time, consistent analytical data empowers content owners and providers with actionable insights which allows for quick decisions to extend and protect viewer engagement – keeping the viewer engaged and the brand message clear.

To accomplish maximum mobile flexibility across the iPhone/iPad platforms, while remaining transparent to the solution’s real-time data connections to solution users,  Devious Media developed and designed the Conviva iPad/iPhone app to integrate into the Conviva Insights architecture so that video analytics could be monitored in real time for their clients such as Turner, Netflix, ESPN, Disney, and FIFA  in a fluid, mobile interface.