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TV Apps
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Interactive TV is all about deepening the audience’s engagement with the content.  The methods employed range from content channels, games, trivia questions, voting applications, social media applications designed to increase your reputation in a virtual world – the possibilities are almost limitless.  Today’s viewers are ready for more, and we hope you’re ready to give it to them!

Advertisers, content owners, and content distributors are all now in position to understand interactive entertainment and all recognize it as an integral part of a successful digital entertainment strategy.  Even as recently as five years ago, ad agencies were using separate teams to handle online advertising, and those separate teams had a struggle to explain the value of their efforts to both the agency’s traditional internal teams and to the advertisers themselves.  Now, every agency has a digital arm that’s considered an essential piece of the puzzle.  The same change in mindset has occurred for ads in interactive applications, and advertisers are ready – and eager – to invest their spend in this format.  They understand the value of an application that allows them direct access to consumers who are literally leaning forward to engage with their brand.  With their smart phone and a laptop in the same room as the TV, today’s audiences are more connected than ever before.  Studies have shown that viewers who are engaged beyond a “lean back” experience watch longer and interact more – so why not add interactivity to your broadcast?

Devious Media will:

  • Fuse intuitive design with information and knowledge technology to create the ultimate participation experience
  • Expertly evaluate analytics pertaining to usability and popularity to ensure that your company is taking advantage of the most current media and technology trends
  • Provide the first-rate designers, writers, programmers, and marketing specialists that your company deserves, through Devious Media’s creative leadership and cooperative partnerships with extremely talented and accomplished creative professionals