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Did you know that Games can: increase time spent with your brand, build stronger communities, and create additional advertising opportunities. Games are the most interactive form of entertainment across all multi-media platforms today. What is the Game strategy for your brand? Devious Media:

  • Can create a complete online games portal with over 40 games, in any language, any country, white labeled for your brand
  • Games portals can include these game platforms: Free Ad Based, Single Player, Multi-Player, Downloadable, Cash, and Advergames
  • Integrate advertisers into the Interactive Television games to create unique sponsorships opportunities
  • Can create, distribute, and syndicate custom games based on your brand for any platform worldwide
  • Games get Millions and Millions of plays each month and create strong communities for our clients
  • Has created games where Users compete online and the top player of the game appears on a Television show
  • Develops “Advergames” for unique sponsorship opportunities for your advertisers and their brands