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The story behind More Prepared is simple – two talented, resourceful women saw a problem in their local schools’emergency preparedness plans and developed a solution.

Mina Arnao and Cindy Owings live in southern California where earthquakes are a reality and schools are required by the state to have adequate emergency supplies and a ‘shelter in place’ plan – earthquake preparedness varied by district and budget cuts took their toll.  Recognizing that a granola bar and bottle of water did not comprise quality disaster supplies, their customized signature “Kids Kit” was born.

The More Prepared website launched August 2005, two weeks later Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and orders poured in.  Mina and Cindy realized they could empower organizations, families and individuals to take responsibility for their own well-being through education combined with emergency and survival preparation.  In addition to offering the highest quality products and disaster preparedness kits at affordable prices, prides itself on exceptional customer service and prompt shipment. is always focused on meeting your needs and is committed to helping you prepare for anyemergency situation and natural or man-made disaster.